Not all types of pumps can satisfy some of your uncompromising demands. Like handling the most corrosive fluids or pumping liquids at 100% sterile condition, with an accuracy better than +/-1%, and flexibility to change the flow rates over a wide range. You may be in Research or in Process Control, doing Fermentation, Column Chromatography or producing Biotech products, perfumes, chemicals, pharmaceutical and food products, or even operating a Furnace for Heat Treatment. Your first choice is a Peristaltic Pump.


Miclins India offers a wide range of peristalic Pumps from the latest Micro-processor based models to the simple fixed speed models, from 0.1 ml/hr to 1500 Litres/hr, with state-of-the art features, like programming the pumps to run at 1400 different speeds, Digital Display of Flow rate and Time parameters, Autostop function, battery back-up to store memory and in-built Timer.

We have Peristalic Pumps designed to work in the most rigorous conditions of a production industry too. Like the VSP models with electronic controls which can deliver upto 1500 Litres/Hour. 

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