• Fully indigenous micro-processor based.

  • Four-digit bright LED display for flow and time.

  • 1400 variable steps of flow.

  • Timer incorporated-programmable from 1 minute to 24 hours.

  • Auto stop function with audible alarm.

  • Can accommodate a wide range of tube sizes.

  • Includes a battery back-up for memory.

  • On/Off control with external pulse.

  • Miclins Asceptic sample dispenser-Ideal for repeated filling from 1 ml to 25 ml per dose.
  • Custom-built Peristaltic Pumps upto 1500 Litres/hr.
  • Special purpose pumps made of SS 316/SS 304. for corrosive atmospheres with remote control.
  • Portable Pumps working on Battery.
  • Multi-channel pumps - 2,4,8 channels.
  • Speed control by 4-20mA signal in VSP series.
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