About Miclins India

Established in the year 1990, MICLINS INDIA was one of the first companies to introduce indigenously manufactured Peristaltic Pumps in India. Over the years the company’s name has become synonymous with peristaltic pumps in the country, its products having been used by most researchers, laboratories and industries in India. The testimony to the company’s commitment to quality standards and customer satisfaction is clearly evident in the large clientele base the company has built over the years, and in the loyalty the company has earned from such customers – which includes all IITs and NITs of India, most CSIR institutes, BARC, RRCAT, National Universities, and many others. Miclins India’s vision has always been to offer quality equipment to researchers and engineers for their work in low flow applications, and support them continuously in their endeavour.

Our Solutions For Your Precise Flow Needs

Not all types of pumps can satisfy some of your uncompromising demands. Like handling the most corrosive fluids or pumping liquids at 100% sterile condition, with an accuracy better than +/-1%, and flexibility to change the flow rates over a wide range. You may be in Research or in Process Control, doing Fermentation, Column Chromatography or producing Biotech products, perfumes, chemicals, pharmaceutical and food products, or even operating a Furnace for Heat Treatment. Your first choice is a Peristaltic Pump

Miclins India offers a wide range of peristalic Pumps from the latest Micro-processor based models to the simple fixed speed models, from 0.1 ml/hr to 1500 Litres/hr, with state-of-the art features, like programming the pumps to run at 1400 different speeds, Digital Display of Flow rate and Time parameters, Autostop function, battery back-up to store memory and in-built Timer

We have Peristalic Pumps designed to work in the most rigorous conditions of a production industry too. Like the VSP models with electronic controls which can deliver upto 1500 Litres/Hour.